Flare Gas Reformation into Hydrogen Energy

Remote wellheads that are without access to pipeline infrastructure, view well associated natural gas as an economically non-viable product and flare it off as waste. On site power generation utilizing this resource has presented several challenges, including the emissions resulting from combustion of WAGs (well associated gasses).

Oil producers have several technologies that can assist, we believe that plasma reformers present a strong option to convert these waste gasses into higher value products such as market-ready hydrogen. Plasma reformers can reform WAGS with a small amount of input power and syngas is produced which can be refined down to H2. The hydrogen can be compressed and bottled then transported to market or consumed into an on-site process.

The Paris Agreement has renewed the interest in eliminating gas flaring as it is currently wasting about 3.5% of the World's natural gas supply. As well, the emissions from the process is no longer acceptable to the participants of the new treaty. Also, the State of North Dakota passed legislation that makes flaring illegal after the year 2020 to make an effort to curtail emissions from wellhead associated gasses.

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