MSW Landfill Gas Reformation into Hydrogen

An increasing number of landfills now capture the methane gasses that are generated by the decomposing waste they receive due to EPA regulations. Disposal of this methane has been easy in situations where industry is nearby, as the gasses can be piped and sold to a neighboring facility. Remote landfills without the same opportunities often install stationary power systems to generate electricity. Monetizing the fuel is limited and landfill operators are open to considering more profitable methods to utilizing their landfill gas.

100 SCFM Modular Hydrogen Plant

CMXI has developed a system that gives an alternative to methane or electricity sales by reforming methane into pure hydrogen and selling the gas to the market. For every 100 SCFM of landfill gas input (53% Methane), the system generates over 130,0000 cf/day of Hydrogen. This gas is sold to the market and the rate of return in greater than selling electricity. The system is designed to take a portion of methane production so that landfill operators can continue producing power and let the growth from capture be transformed into higher value products. As power production agreements expire, operators can make the decision on how to allocate their gas for their benefit. The system is modular in design to enable leasing, provide mobility and alleviate burdensome development of real property.

Technology Process

This graph explains the flow of waste gas and shows how syngas can be used to enhance the combustion of on-site genset in an effort to improve emissions. Surplus syngas can be separated into hydrogen and prepared to be sold to market. It is estimated that the revenue from Hydrogen will be greater than selling electricity.

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